Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adrian Photo Shoot

Well tomorrow turned into a whole week, whoops. It is so hard to get back to your schedule after a long drive. The ride to and from NC really took it out of us! It was so worth it though. My nephew is the sweetest little peanut. My sister asked me if I could remember Rivers being that small and I replied "No, because he never was" hahaha. Even at three weeks little peanut Adrian is tinier than newborn Riv. It's crazy how tiny he is. I just loved holding him. I miss the newborn days where all they want to do is sleep on you. Well, and waking up to nurse every two hours, haha. Maybe I don't miss that part. Of course, Rivers is still super clingy and ALWAYS wants his mommy, but I can't imagine it any other way. It's been tough because he wants to be held literally all day- going to the bathroom is a break for me. I feel like the house work gets neglected but there's nothing really I can do about it right now. One day he will probably want some space and then I'll miss these clingy days. Ah, parenting!

Anyway...Back to handsome, adorable, perfect newborn cuteness! Adrian is so perfect! He just squeaks and make the cutest newborn baby sounds. He loves when you play with his hair and he was in heaven when my sister washed it, haha! It was so cute. He slept so sweet in his hand-me-down BumGenius Newborn Cloth Diaper from cousin Riv! (Yay for cloth!) I am seriously so happy to have converted my sister to using cloth. We are raising our boys to be Eco-concious, tree huggin' sweeties.  My sister is just as picture crazy as I am so we can look forward to lots of cute baby pictures being sent this way. I love you Adrian! Can't wait to snuggle you again little peanut!

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